The Footprints of Photographer Aleta Elsayed

Let's be candid! Spontaneous images are my specialty. For 10 years, I have focused on the defining "A-ha moments", those fleeting key seconds when an image is captured to have maximum impact. People, nature and performances are my favorite subjects to shoot.

Currently residing in Washington DC, I am a photographer as well as co-owner of Chichie's Grooming Spa, a pet salon & gallery in Georgetown.  My other passions include: Middle Eastern dance, listening to live jazz, interacting with animals and traveling.  I draw upon these colorful areas of my life to integrate the importance of great timing, emotions, body movement, balanced compositions and connecting with life’s adventures.  When my eyes gaze upon a vision, so does my heart. 

Jazz Encounters,  A jazz lifestyle television program:  www.jazzencounters.com
The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Youth Orchestra:  www.bethesdabluesjazz.com

Golden Era Sahara Dance Salon: by Sahara Dance:  www.saharadance.com

Belly of Nile-Latin Belly of Jazz, A Celebration of Celia Cruz:  www.bellyofnile.com


Chichies Grooming Spa on FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/Chichiesgroomingspa/


Various travel adventures throughout the world.